The Two days Central Committee Meeting of NOIW was successfully concluded at “Hotel Ashok” Nagpur on 5th and 6th August 2019. Before the regular proceedings of the meeting the house paid Homage to those who have lost their lives while serving the motherland and in Trade Union field.

Sri M.A.Bapat, General Secretary, Read the Notice of the Meeting.

In the Inaugural Address Sri Atul Deshpande,President extended welcome to all in Nagpur City. He narrated the recent developments at National level and Industry level. He categorically touched the aspects like NOIW’s efforts on OMOP, efforts made by NOIW in CGIT Temporary Workmen case. He expressed happiness that NOIW is the only growing Organisation in LIC and during the Golden Jubilee Year it has added about 1000 members comprising of all classes.. He extended Special welcome to both the Pune Divisions. He further added that this two days meeting will deliberate upon all the present issues and take suitable decisions.

Sri M.A.Bapat General Secretary, while narrating the the activities held from last Conference till date thanked Aurangabad Unit for holding Conference in successful manner and also Nagpur Unit for hosting the Closing Ceremony function of Golden Jubilee year of NOIW and C.C.Meeting. He extended welcome to all the new members in NOIW family and informed the names of Divisions from where
NOIW got new members. He complimented Nadiad and Belgaum for holding Silver Jubilee Year and Satara and Nagpur for Golden Jubilee Year. He placed on record sincere thanks to Team Amravati for making special efforts on CGIT Temporary Workmen case and attending the proceedings at Delhi in CGIT Court and Hon’ble Supreme Court. He informed the events which have happened after conference till date like Secretariat meeting, Clearance of PLLI, NOIW’s meeting with MOS-Finance, Organisational efforts on OMOP and also gave details on improvements in employee benefits like High Cost Protracted deceases, Maternity Leave, News Paper and Mobile currency to Class III/IV employees, improvements in LTC, Lodging expenses etc.

Sri Dnyanesh Paranjape, Resident Secretary, submitted the report on NOIW’s periodical meeting with the LIC Management, Information Sharing Meeting held in the month of March 2019 and Latest position on Recruitment etc.

Sri Kamlesh Mundada, Secretary, gave the latest position on CGIT and narrated in detail the events occurred after the Conference and the efforts made by NOIW for Temporary Workmen. He informed the house that NOIW’s efforts have paid dividend and the list of all the 401 workmen is accepted by CGIT Court for absorption and has submitted report accordingly to Hon’ble Supreme Court.

Later in the Division wise Report all the Divisions present submitted report on activities held at Divisional level. All the Divisions expressed happiness on the support given by Central and Zonal Leadership and said that all the calls given by NOIW from time to time are followed by them. All Divisions reported that there is good response on activities of NOIW and there is new membership especially after OMOP.

While speaking on Organisational Matters Sri Hemesh Patel, Organising Secretary said that due to efforts done by NOIW in protecting the interests of LIC Employees all classes of employees are attracted towards NOIW and many employees including Class-I are willing to join NOIW. He appealed to all karyakartas that the issues taken up by NOIW be highlighted amongst all LICians and try to strengthen NOIW in the days to come. He stressed the need to undertake the Organisational tours upto Branch Level and to be in touch with all our members. He expressed concern over the Divisions not represented in the meeting and said that in future we have to try that all the Divisions should be represented in the C.C.Meetings. He appreciated and thanked Sri Prahladji Patel (Union Minister for State I/C for Tourism and Culture) and Patron of NOIW in taking up the issues of LIC Employees at Government level and helping NOIW.

Sri T.Suri Kumar, Organising Secretary, and Sri Paresh Parekh, Special Invitee spoke on the recent news being spread on Disinvestment / listing of LIC and made the house aware that the news is only from Media and still no authentication has come from Government Sources and assured the house that if it comes true then NOIW will take suitable decision.

The resolution session was conducted by Sri T.Suri Kumar, Organising secretary and the following resolutions were passed in the house.– Early settlement of Wage Revision, Demanding early Recruitment, Improvements in Pension scheme 1995, improvements inLTC, Abolishing of GST on Insurance Premium, early announcement of PLLI for the year 2018-19. The resolution were also passed on
two special issues – Supporting the Government’s decision on Jammu and Kashmir on Article 35A and 370 and Celebration of Birth Centenary of Late Sri Dattopant Thengdiji.

In the evening the Zonewise meetings were held. All the Zones were asked to discuss on the points like – Roadmap for increase in membership and opening of new units, membership in Class-I, Recruitment activity, Organisational tours at Zonal level, Zonal Conferences/AGM of Divisions, and future programmes at Zonal levels. All the Zonal Secretaries submitted report on the Zone wise meetings held.
On the Second Day the proceedings commenced with talk by Sri Ravindra Sahastrabuddhe on celebration of Birth Centenary of Late Thengadiji and said that the Anniversary will commence on 10th November 2019 to 10th November 2020. He made an appeal to all
units to conduct activity as NOIW.
While summing up Sri Atul Deshpande, said that the next secretariat meeting will decide the exact type of programme to be conducted at NOIW level. He said that study class at all India level will be a part of this program.

He also gave the details on the Website and App of NOIW.

There was discussion on Recruitment activity. Special Guest Sri Kshitij ji Patukale while speaking extended all the help to NOIW from
Insurance Acedemy.

Sri Jayesh Meghal Treasurer, submitted report on financial position and also expenses of the Conference and submitted Receipt and
Payments account which was approved by the house.

Sri Vijay Parab, Special Invitee, NOIW who took voluntary retirement recently was felicitated in the meeting.

The Karyakartas of Nagpur were invited on the dias and the house gave standing ovation to Team Nagpur for making elaborate arrangements for the meeting at Nagpur.

In the concluding address Sri Atul Deshpande expressed happiness over the activities conducted by all units of NOIW during Golden Jubilee year of NOIW. He complimented Nadiad, Hyderabad, Nagpur units for conducting Social oriented program’s. Though we have celebrated Golden jubilee year let us not be complacent as there are challenges in the days to come he said. He further said that NOIW is making continuous efforts and follow-up for Recruitment and now there are positive signs that Recruitment will shortly commence and made an appeal to strengthen NOIW with new recruits and should produce karyakartas. He summed up the decisions taken in C.C. Meeting and declared NOIW will oppose the move of the Government of disinvestment/listing of LIC and also oppose anti-labour measures.

GATE MEETING:- A Mammoth Gate Meeting was held before LIC Divisional office, Nagpur at 1.30 pm on 6th August. The entire area was decorated with saffron flags and buntings and wore a festive look.
While addressing the Gate Meeting Sri M.A.Bapat, General Secretary saluted the founding fathers of NOIW and said that this day we have to remember the sacrifices made by them in forming NOIW and today their dream is cherished that NOIW has grown leaps and bounds. He said that we have to rededicate ourselves for the cause of Insurance Workers. He termed this meeting as historic one as Nagpur has given many leaders and dedicated Karyakartas to NOIW. He added that NOIW has become popular Trade Union as NOIW has done real job for the welfare of the LIC Employees. He criticised LIC Management’s attitude of taking unilateral decisions and demanded consultative mechanism with Trade Unions. He dwelt with future challenges and said that Recruitment is the need of the hour as Branches are facing with acute shortage of staff and the per capita servicing of policies per employee has substantially increased. He thanked Sri Prahlad ji Patel, (Union Minister for State I/C for Tourism and Culture) and Patron, NOIW for extending all the help to NOIW in meeting the Ministers and in solving the problem of OMOP. He made an appeal to strengthen NOIW to protect the welfare of LIC Employees.

While speaking in the Gate Meeting Sri Atul Deshpande, President, extended special welcome to CGIT Temporary workmen and briefed about the efforts made by NOIW for such workmen and assured that NOIW will make all the efforts for them till the issue is logically settled. He declared that NOIW will oppose any move of the Government on Disinvestment / listing of LIC and also oppose anti labour policies. He narrated the success story of NOIW and its role in solving the major issues including the latest issue of OMOP. While thanking the role played by the Patron of NOIW Sri Prahladji Patel (Union Minister for State I/C for Tourism and Culture) he said that the so called Majority Union could not meet any of the Government Ministers / Officials during the last five years. He said that NOIW has always been for the Joint Front believing that Joint Front is the need of the Hour. He demanded that Management should come out with improved offer on wage revision as the offer of 10% is not upto the expectations of LIC Employees and not commensurate with the progress and prosperity of LIC. He criticised the attitude of LIC Management of “ Divide and Rule” quoting the example of Reimbursement of Furniture Expenses to Class-I. He further said that on one hand Management talks about “Team LIC” and is granting the benefits to selected class, even though all employees are the partners in the progress of the Industry. While concluding his speech he thanked entire Team of Nagpur for the success of the meeting.

Brotherly Yours:
( M.A.Bapat )
General Secretary.
Date:- 13-08-2019

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