NOIW Submits Charter of Demands

NOIW Submits Charter

NOIW delegation comprising of S/Sri Hemesh Patel- President, M.A.Bapat-Working President, Atul Deshpande-General Secretary, Dnyanesh Paranjape-Resident Secy. and Mohsin Shaikh- (Cl-I representative) today (27th July 2022) submitted the “Charter of Demands 2022” to Hon’ble Chairperson of LlC Sri M.R.Kumar. Sri B.C.Patnaik(M.D) , Sri R.K.Dubey (E.D – P) and Smt Pratibha Singh-
(Chief-P) Sri Nitin Kumar (Secretary -ER) was also present. The delegation while thanking Chairperson, assured him all the cooperation in his endeavors and support in taking LIC’s flag high.

 Atul Deshpande
(General Secretary)

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